25 Different Types of Saws and Their Uses (with pictures)

Do you understand different types of Saw and their uses? Saw is the most valuable and important cutting tool. In general, this Saw tool needs for cutting as Metal, stone, wood, and so on. According to customer demand, there are different types of saws available and receivable in the tools market which are depending on the work and the convenience of the customer. 

Saws are used for thousands of years. This is an important tool for a human being to complete home, garage, construction, and other areas projects. From time to time, saws design and working capability change dramatically. Now, you can get some specific tools for your specific works.

However, I found different types of saws in the market and among the tools users. In this article, you will discover some popular saws introduction and know their work or uses the area. So, let’s get started with this article.


Different Types of Saws (A Perfect List)

There are couples of saws I found on the market; truly, they are a lot. It is tricky enough to describe all of the saws and their task. For this reason, I collect some major saws and describe their work. On the other hand, all saws divided into two major types such as:

  • Hand Saw
  • Electric Saw or Power Saw

Hand Saws (7 Different Types of Hand Saws)

Generally, Hand saw is defined as a non-power saw. Users can get all of the cutting facilities from this type of saw, but they need to use their hands. A handsaw is a basic tool for everyone. This tool can use by your hand without electric help. Any type of handsaws has become most popular for basic & easy work. It is available in every home. To use this handsaw tool you need to apply force. The better you can apply force, the better you can cut any matter. But if you go to cut a specific object very perfectly, you will not be able to do it. It will be the opposite. If you want to cut the perfect object you need to use types of electrical saws. I found some major hand saws. And I think these saws help you a lot to get some awesome ideas and know their work. Anyway, a handsaw is very useful for basic work. You will find many types of handsaws in the market.


1. Coping Saw

I fall this hand saw on bow saw category. This saw is awesome and capable of cutting both internal and external areas. The saw is used a steel alloy blade and thin table that helps you hold your materials perfectly to get the perfect shape.

You can easily cut out your wood, plastic, and some other materials to use this saw. On the other hand, you may also hole your materials with its steel alloy blades. Overall, the saw is also able to cut out aluminum pipes without teeth broken.

2. Rip-Cut Saw

Rip-cut saw is a piece of steel or metal pieces that is only made for wood cutting. It is designed with several sharp teeth. People need to use this saw in their hands. Note, you can only use this saw for wood cutting.

3. Crosscut Saw

Crosscut saw it is also defined as a conventional saw. It is the bigger version of Rip-Cut Saw. If you ever see this saw, you may also see that this saw is used only for big materials.

Most of the time, the Crosscut saw is used commercially. They have larger teeth, and the teeth are so sharp to cut the wood comfortably. But you can’t use this saw for metal, steel, or aluminum cut.

4. Fret Saw

Fret saw also is also called coping saw. It has a thin, sharp, and long blade that helps you to cut down intricate cuts. Its larger shape and storage help you to cut down both inside and outside. But you can’t rotate this saw blade. If you have a task that is complicated to cut, then you can use this fret saw.

5. Back Saw

According to my experience, a backsaw is a small saw, and it has a small and narrow blade. A backsaw is used for a place where the large blade or saw does not come perfectly. Back saws are mostly used with miter boxes. On the other hand, they use consistently fine and straight-cut areas.

6. Hacksaw

Hacksaw is a little advanced and strong type of handsaw. It is especially used for cutting hard metal or materials. This hacksaw comes with a solid frame that allows it to intersect easily. You can use this hacksaw effortlessly. Unlike a hand saw, this hacksaw does not require much force. Many types of hacksaw are also available in the market.

7. Bow Saw

Different type of saw you get. Day by day coming advanced saws available in the market. But Bow saw is the most popular for outdoor work. As like Cutting logs, pruning, trimming trees, and so on. The bow saw is a handy and comfortable tool that gives a lot of features. People are using this bow saw for work purposes and it is quite comfortable at work. The bow saw has a long and sharp Blade with some crosscut teeth which  Which is quite effective for removing anything. If you want to use Bow Saw, You will get different types of Bow saw in the market. You can buy a style Bow saw tool according to your needs if it is in the market.


Power Saw (6 Different Types of Power Saw)

Are you want to know about power saw tools or electric saw? Then this section is a complete idea for you. I collected six different electric saws and also gathered some knowledge about their use. In this section, I provide you a complete idea about their service and use. So, let’s break down the list.

1. Chainsaw

It is a giant machine which is designed for large lumbers or trees. A battery charge powers it, or you can also use this tool to take direct electric power.

Generally, the tool is used steel and a big blade which is capable of cutting any size of wood and plastic. You should also note that the tool is so expensive to buy. Overall, you can use this tool for any big lumbers and big size wood.

2. Band Saw

People know this saw as a stationary saw. It is a heavy-duty tool, and it is not easy to move easily here and there. The Band saw is worked by electric power. It is one of the most powerful and giant saw which I saw ever.

Moreover, the tool is awesome for materials, wood, plastic, steel, and other heavy-duty materials cut. It always provides you accurate cut so that you can professionally fulfill your project.

3. Compound Miter Saw

Are you looking for a saw which is capable of cutting any angle, especially in compound shape? Then it would help if you looked forward at this compound miter saw. Instead of providing ups and down, this compound saw works and cuts any kind of shape of your materials. Note, you can cut any complex angle with this saw.

4. Flooring Saw

The flooring saw is very interesting because it is replaced a table saw, miter saw, compound miter saw, and some other saws. It is also portable, which means you can install this flooring saw indoor and outdoor without using any extra tools.

5. Chop saw

It is a great tool that is big enough and easy to portable. Chop saw is designed with both metal and masonry cutting features. It helps you to cut down the concrete elements. Overall, you can cut down a large piece of materials with a chop saw.

6. Miter Saw

From my point of view, a miter saw is suitable for 360-degree rotation. You can cut or shape your materials at any angle. A miter saw is also portable. It is used medium size blade, which size is 10-inch to 12-inches.

Don’t worry; it is a stable and lasting tool. Though it is an expensive tool, you can get any kids of shape using different angles of your materials.

7. Jigsaw

Jigsaw is one of the best tools for a person who wants to cut down curves in wood with a narrow blade. So, if you want to get any narrow shape of your materials, then Jigsaw is one of the best choices for you. Moreover, a jigsaw blade’s sharp teeth are measurement in TPI.

8. Circular Saw

Most people don’t know what is a circular saw. I will understand to you at a glance. However, This Circular saw is most essential for woodworkers. It is a powerful saw witch run by an electric line. This tool uses disc blades that can cut hard materials very easily. When it is connected to an electrical object to cut an object, the circular saw cuts it by rotational motion. Anyway, This Circular saw is not only for woodworking, but You can also use different work. If you want to buy, you do search offline or online market and get huge circular tools. There are different types of circular saw models available in the market.

9. Table Saw

A table saw is used for several purposes. The main theme of a table saw is to cut the materials in perfect shape. Most of the time, a table saw is used for sensitive areas, which means when a person needs the accurate shape of his or her materials. But the tool is also used for several shapes of materials, whatever you need.

10. Reciprocating saw

Generally, a reciprocating saw is a handheld saw which is commonly used for remodeling and demolition. Moreover, you can use this saw for many types of materials such as wood, steel, metal, PVC, nails, and some other materials. But when you use a reciprocating saw, you need to use strong enough drives.


FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

Q: What are the different kinds of saw?

A: There are couples of saw I found from my research. But the best and most useable saws are:

  • Coping
  • Rip-cut saw
  • Crosscut saw
  • Fret saw backsaw
  • Chain saw
  • Band Saw
  • Chop saw
  • Compound miter saw
  • Flooring saw
  • Miter Saw

Q: What is the best all purposes saw?

A: It is true that all-purpose saw is limited, and you may find some little amount of saws that are best for the all-purpose saw. You can use a compound miter saw, miter saw, and cutting blade for all of the purposes.

Final Words!

Now At this time, you understood some common types of saws and their uses. I hope that these saws are capable of clearing your confusion and also helps you to select the right saw for your project. Different project needs different saws. If you want to complete your task professionally, then you must need to choose the right tools.

Now you can buy Saw according to your needs and requirements. But before you buy something, you have to be smart so that you don’t get into trouble after buying and money is not wasted. If you want to buy Saw or any other tools from Europe, and you have no idea, you can contact us. We are always eager to help you unconditionally.

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